Colloid Mill

The CLM colloid mill is specially designed for the production of highly stable colloidal solutions, extremely thin suspensions, mixtures, as well as emulsions. The principle of “wet” grinding is used due to the difference in the width of the gap at the entrance and exit. Additionally, complex geometric micro-reliefs of the rotor surface create increased turbulence, which breaks the product particles.

Under the action of centrifugal force and high relative speed between the rotating rotor and the fixed stator, the liquid and semi-liquid materials become homogeneous, fine and homogeneous, mixtures of any materials become emulsion, homogeneous, dispersive.


In the production process of a bitumen emulsion, bitumen, water and emulsifiers are used. To impart the desired properties (regulation of the setting time, reducing the consumption of the binder, improving adhesion between molecules).

The bitumen emulsion is a dark-brown liquid, obtained by dispersing bitumen in water with the addition of an emulsifier — a surfactant. Depending on the mass fraction of water and bitumen, emulsions are divided into two types: direct and reverse.

Bitumen emulsions are classified as direct emulsions if the mass fraction of bitumen distributed in the form of the smallest droplets in a continuous dispersed medium, water, is 30-70%. In reverse type emulsions, water is dispersed in bitumen and its mass fraction is 70-80%. The CLM mixing device is one of the main components of the plant for the production of a water-bitumen emulsion of the UVB-1 type.

Our equipment is produced serially and custom-made. Serial models can be purchased directly from the warehouse. Customized models are designed to order and are made within up to 45 working days.


As a machine-building plant, GlobeCore specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of high-quality equipment for the regeneration, recovery and preparation of oils, the preparation of bitumen emulsions and all kinds of polymer-modified industrial fluids to the world market. The company’s products, having earned the reputation of productive and reliable equipment, are in steady demand among customers from more than seventy countries of the world. Every year, the company produces several hundred pieces of equipment for emulsifying, dispersing, wet grinding and mixing solids and liquids. Each mixing line delivered to a customer or a separate piece of equipment passes mandatory factory test checks. An important component of the industrial mixing lines produced by the company are colloidal wet-grinding mills and homogenizers. The volume and quality of the prepared colloidal solutions, emulsions and suspensions directly depends on their technical parameters and performance. Therefore, GlobeCore engineers are constantly working to improve this small but important unit.

With the help of modern software, the design department of the enterprise produces hydraulic calculation and design of the working surfaces of the rotor and stator of a colloid mill (homogenizer). Modern metalworking machine tools with numerical software ensure that every detail of a colloid mill exactly corresponds to the working drawings in compliance with all the developer’s prescribed tolerances and landings.

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