Electron Supplementation and Distribution For Therapeutic and Illness Prevention

Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgi received the Nobel prize in medication for the invention of the oxidative phosphorylation cycle, or “how do cells create power”. That was solely the start of his journey making an attempt to know well being and therapeutic. He later postulated that the upkeep of well being is finest preserved by the supplementation and redistribution of electrons to forestall illnesses. On the time of his later work the emergence of electrotherapy units able to electron supplementation and redistribution was solely starting to emerge electrotherapy machine for back pain.

One prevailing perspective in the present day is Dr. Szent-Gyorgi’s analysis set the desirous about most cancers as being an “natural chemistry” concern as a result of nature of most cancers being the uncontrolled development of “malignant” cells. The wholesome state for most individuals is to be able to arresting any deviant cells by correctly offering diet to wholesome cells. Most cancers cells are an aberration that emergy internally via “some” course of. Dr. Gyorgi might have established what that course of is by his pioneer work in electron distribution.

Dr. Gyorgi’s legacy was celebrated on what would have been his 110th birthday by Imre Cizmadia within the Journal of Molecular Construction (Theochem) 666-667 (2003) 11-34. Dr. Gyorgi’s clarification was:

  • “All illnesses begin on the molecular degree, thus, in the end, all cures should be achieved on the molecular degree”
  • “All illnesses are the results of some unfavourable electron distribution throughout the human physique, thus in the end all cures should characterize a beneficial perturbation on the ill-distributed electron density.”
  • “Because the electron distribution will get additional away from the perfect or excellent distribution we attain a big assortment of ailing distributed electron densities, that are exhibited by folks affected by varied illnesses.”

The compelling proof of therapeutic that’s occurring in the present day has not been adequately defined nor understood. The beneath is clear in outcomes:

  1. Pulsed Galvanic Stimulators heal decubitus ulcers, and speed up therapeutic if sluggish therapeutic;
  2. Russian stimulators improve muscle bulk and energy in excessive performing athletes;
  3. Tens machines do reduce ache in lots of acute and power ache circumstances;
  4. Interferential/Tens mixture machines speed up tissue restore, reduce ache put up operatively;
  5. Purposeful electrical stimulators restore useful motion for stroke, a number of sclerosis, and different sufferers missing volitional management;
  6. Iontophoresis machines administer water based mostly drugs similar to cortisone with out the usage of needles or ingestion ( that is understood utilizing legal guidelines of physics);
  7. Bone stimulators do make non union fractures heal and improve the speed of bone unionization in accidents similar to spinal chord verterbra;
  8. Excessive Frequency Stimulators – Glioblastoma & Lung Most cancers retardation.

It’s the above processes which have defied standard information as to “how”. The overall explanations relate to “elevated blood stream”, “particular organic wave of our unit”, “launch of pure ache killers”, “decreases inflammatory course of” or “initiates inflammatory course of”. The explanations for the success of the varied electrotherapy merchandise is just not defined by these solutions. Now we have to take a look at the submolecular elements of life, be it plant, human or animal and attempt to perceive the atomic elements of dwelling and dying. Albert Szent-Gyorgi was nicely forward of standard science utilizing quantum physics because the constructing blocks.

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