Is Time Management Training Worthwhile?

When a friend of mine announced that she did not think time management training was worth doing, I had to take notice. She’s an experienced trainer who’d just started working for a huge company and usually knows what she is talking about. Her remark did, however, make me question her, so she expanded on her statement.

Her issue was the manner in which it was being used in her organisation.

Usually, line supervisors would send their employees on time management training whenever problems about efficiency or productivity cropped up. Little thought has been given to whether time management training was the right approach.

Her frustration stemmed from the fact that managers were effectively trying to match the problem into the solution as opposed to the other way round. They weren’t making any real effort to work with people to find the root cause of the issues they were having.

The outcome was that people were attending entire day training courses run by my friend but getting very little out of this. The training she inherited was generic and hadn’t been tailored to the requirements of the company, let alone the individual participants.

Over a bottle of wine we spent discussing how to repair this problem, and came up with a plan.

Step One: My friend would contact all supervisors requesting time management training for their staff, and probe them so she could understand the need. This would include revisiting what was discussed with individual staff members so far. In many cases individuals were not aware that their efficiency was in question.

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